Eco Store

The Rediscovery Centre has opened a best-in-class eco store at our HQ in Ballymun. Our Rediscover Paint and Bikes are available to purchase on our online shop here

Reuse products are available in the shop in Ballymun– a collection built from Rediscover products and other Irish producers whose products exemplify a reuse or sustainability ethos in line with the overall project. If you would like to contact the store, email

Our Suppliers:


Rediscovery Centre

The Rediscovery Centre is a creative space connecting people, ideas and resources. Our social enterprises, Rediscover Fashion, Rediscover Cycling, Rediscover Paint and Rediscover Furniture all supply the Eco Store with their unique products. All items have been made onsite and all profits go back into the services provided by the social enterprises. Products on offer currently include a selection of bikes, paint, furniture, bottle covers, doorstops, soap holders and more.




Rediscover Fashion

Rediscover Fashion is Ireland’s leader in circular fashion and it is located in the National Centre for the Circular Economy in Dublin. It was established in 2008 as a social enterprise to produce 100% redesigned and repurposed, clothing, accessories and homeware ranges. To find out more, click here.


Rediscover Cycling

Rediscover Cycling is a social enterprise that has been putting life back into unwanted bicycles since 2010. Bikes donated for reuse are collected from the recycling centres and we create revamped bicycles to be sold in the Eco Store located in the Rediscovery Centre. The bike team has expanded its business to include providing on-site bike clinics to corporate and other organisations to promote sustainable transport. To find out more, click here.


Rediscover Paint

Rediscover Paint collects paint from the recycling centres and recycles it to create new colours for sale in our Eco Store for €1.50 per 1 Litre. The aim of the programme is to divert reusable paint from disposal/incineration and provide affordable paint for reuse to the public and community organizations. Please note we do not accept paint at the Rediscovery Centre for recycling. To find out more, click, here.



Rediscover Furniture

Rediscover Furniture brings new life to old furniture and takes great pride in the fact that this furniture would have been destined for landfill.  The team uses traditional methods and environmentally friendly products in all of their work. All of the restoration and upcycling work is undertaken by Gerard Griffin and his trainees. The completed pieces by the Rediscover furniture team is for sale in our unique Eco Store. All profits from these sales are reinvested back into the social enterprise. To find out more, click here.

Lily’s Eco Clean Refill Station

Lilly’s Eco Clean range is a toxic-free and ethically produced range of cleaning products designed for you and for your convenience. The Rediscovery Centre acts as a refill centre for this product, offering refills for Washing Up Liquid, Laundry Liquid, Floor Cleaner, Toilet Cleaner, Fabric Softener, All Purpose Spray Cleaner and Degreaser.

Steampunk Studio

Steampunk Studio draws its inspiration from industry and creates beautiful bespoke lighting and accessories using repurposed materials such as copper, brass, glass and wood. One light is even made out of a repurposed Gunpowder Gin bottle!


Hey Bulldog

Hey Bulldog

Hey Bulldog’s love of transforming and their strong desire to be as sustainable as possible has led them to working with materials like concrete and reclaimed wood and metal.

Palm Free Soap

Palm Free Irish Soap

Palm Free Irish Soap was born out of the 1st handmade soap company in Ireland. Their soaps are rain forest friendly and they do not contain any additives. All soaps are preserved only by the pure essential oils and vitamins A, C & E.

Pear in Paper


The Pear in Paper

The Pear in Paper is a small sustainable Irish business. All the prints are made by a treadle based press that uses no motor or electricity. All cards are tree free or recycled. All of their envelopes are recycled.




The Upcycle Movement

The Upcycle Movement is on a mission to design products that combat textile pollution and to bring back beauty to otherwise redundant materials. Realising the amount of wetsuits that get sent to landfill each year, this Neo Collection is made from upcycled wetsuit material. Each piece is unique and carries character from its adventurous past.