Rediscovery Centre Strategic Plan 2022 – 2026 

Transforming Ireland through the Circular Economy

The Rediscovery Centre has developed its new organisational Strategic Plan Transforming Ireland through the Circular Economy. This ambitious five year strategic plan was informed by key learning from the previous Strategy and extensive consultation with all stakeholders. 

The ongoing climate and biodiversity crises, combined with global pandemics and conflicts,  demonstrates that rapid movement towards a circular economy and society – where all people  and resources are valued – is needed now more than ever. This strategic plan sets out a pathway for the Rediscovery Centre to help steer that transition.  It builds upon strong foundations of community education and public engagement and it commits to further developing robust research and advocacy structures to advance evidenced based change and to amplify our collective voice for an equitable transition to the Circular Economy.

This is an exciting time for the Rediscovery Centre. We are at the heart of a transformational shift in support towards a Circular Economy in Ireland and we look forward to the next five years of development with ambitious optimism for all that we will collectively achieve.

Our new vision, mission and values reflect this and with our goals give us a clear path for the future.

Download our strategic plan here.