Building Thriving 21st Century Cities

Posted on 4th May 2021

Our current linear economic approach is not working, we need alternative ways of economic thinking to solve our current challenges. We need new ways of thinking to ensure the planet and people’s wellbeing. Is it possible to strive for both while also building a thriving economy? Kate Raworth, the author of Doughnut Economics, certainly thinks so. At its core, the Doughnut vision is in line with the principles of a regenerative and redistributive economy by design. The circular economy fits into this vision, by enhancing resource efficiency, promoting business models and incentives that support the flow of resources in such a system

Another of the Doughnut’s core principles is, instead of growth in GDP being the hallmark of a society’s well-being, we should rather view well-being as the balance of human socio-economic and ecologic health. A circular economy puts this in action – as one of its goals is to manage our resources better and to decouple growth (and well-being) from resource use.

What this video below to learn more about the Doughnut and Circular economies in 21st Century cities.