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Circular Electronics Landscape Assessment

Waste created by electronics and electronic equipment is the fastest growing waste stream globally, with consumption of this equipment growing by 2.5 million metric tons every year. As consumption increases, so does waste. Given this growing challenge posed by the

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Instagram Live: Our Rural (and Circular) Future

Our Rural (& Circular) Future

Circular opportunities within the “Our Rural Future” Policy.

Recently published by the Department of Rural and Community Development, the “Our Rural Future” policy reflects the Irish Government’s ambition for the future of rural Ireland. Amongst …

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Instagram Live: Shaping Ireland’s Circular Ambition

What you can do to shape Ireland’s Circular ambition?
Philip Nugent discusses Ireland’s Circular Economy Strategy        


Calling all circular citizens!
Time to ask the experts about what you can do to shape Ireland’s Circular Economic future. The Irish Government …

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Working towards a just transition to a circular economy

Ensuring a just transition is increasingly relevant and essential as the circular economy becomes more of a reality. The shift towards circularity in Europe means a change in industry and labour markets. Governments and other social partners must work to

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Funding the circular economy nationally and across the EU

As the circular economy comes to the forefront of policy with the EU Circular Economy Action Plan as a part of the EU Green Deal and with Ireland’s the Whole of Government Circular Economy Strategy, it is important to note

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Illegal dumping of home items in Irish forests

The state forestry company, Coillte, has kept an inventory of waste dumped in forests over the past few years. Shockingly, along with “black bin” litter found, many home items are being discarded as well. From washing machines and fridges to

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Student designed IKEA concept car

College student, Ryan Schlotthauer, has designed a build-at-home IKEA concept car called the “Höga.” The car is only 2.3 meters long and 1.8 meters high, uses a skateboard platform to hold its four wheels and is battery powered. The inside

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Ikea launches Circular Hubs

In an effort to reduce furniture waste, Ikea has launched a furniture buy-back and resale scheme. Depending on the state of the furniture returned, Ikea will buy back at different rates. These used items will be sold in a separate

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Developing a circular textiles system in Ireland

Ireland has a textile waste problem that the Community Reuse Network Ireland (CRNI) is trying to solve. CRNI has launched a project that aims to pilot three types of textile collection systems in Ireland to reduce textiles going to landfill. …

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How Minecraft is being used to teach children about sustainability and the circular economy

The BetterGeoEdu project gives primary teachers the resources to teach children about raw materials, sustainability, and the circular economy while using Minecraft to do so. Minecraft is a hugely popular game where users must extract raw materials to build their

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