Circular Economy Conversations – Construction and Demolition

Circular Economy Conversations

As the National Centre for the Circular Economy, the Rediscovery Centre runs a  ‘Circular Economy Conversations’ series. These events focus on raising awareness and fostering discussions on different aspects of the circular economy. To date, conversations focused on design, circular fashion, right to repair, opportunities for the construction & demolition sector and sustainable hempcrete construction.

Upcoming: Circular Economy Conversations – 15th March 2022

Fighting Food Waste Workshop


Circular Economy Conversations – 17th June 2021
Right to Repair Webinar

The Rediscovery Centre and the Environmental Protection Agency hosted an open and frank Circular Economy Conversation on the Right To Repair on Thursday the 17th of June 2021.

Dr. Sarah Miller, CEO of the Rediscovery Centre moderated an open Q&A session discussing how the future of repair will change for individuals, designers and producers as well as its role within Ireland’s circular economy strategy.

Repairing products, and making products more repairable, is central to a circular economy. Measures to increase and promote repair are underway in EU and national circular economy policy. Empowering people with the “right to repair” is part of those measures.

Ossian Smyth TD, Minister of State with responsibility for Communications and Circular Economy
Sharon Finegan, Director of the Office of Environmental Sustainability, Environmental Protection Agency
Mark Miodownik – Materials Scientist, Engineer, BBC Broadcaster and Writer at University College London
Christian Volkmann, Climate Crisis Coordinator and Assistant Manager at Patagonia Dublin
Nial O’Connor, Administrative Officer with Environmental Services in Monaghan County Council,

The talk can be viewed here


Circular Economy Conversation – 31st January 2020
Hempcrete Seminar and Workshop


The Rediscovery Centre, the National Centre for the Circular Economy, in association with the Hemp Cooperative of Ireland, hosted a unique Circular Economy Conversation on Hempcrete Construction. Hempcrete is an alternative to traditional concrete and it has a lower carbon footprint with excellent insulation efficiency. It is a combination of hemp shiv, lime and water that is mixed into a pulp, compacted into a timber frame and allowed to dry. The result is an environmental friendly, bio-composite building material that will provide efficient insulation to any building.

The event attracted architects, builders, engineers, built environment professionals and self-build home owners from all over Ireland. The programme included presentations, discussions, workshops and hands-on demonstrations on hempcrete and highlighted its role in the future of circular construction.


– Prof. Tom Woolley, Architect and environmental consultant
– Rachel Bevan, Lead designer of Rachel Bevan Architects
– Rosanne Walker, Post doctorate researcher and building conservation consultant
– Ronan McDermott, Director and hempcrete consultant, Hempbuild Sustainable Products Ltd.
– Gavin Creech, Kilwaughter Minerals Ltd.
– Declan Darcy, Carpenter, Hempcrete builder and Qualified Raw Vegan Chef
– Ashlene Ross, Homeowner


Circular Economy Conversation – 11th July 2019
Construction & Demolition

Circular Economy Conversations – Construction and Demolition           Circular Economy Model

Hosted by: The Rediscovery Centre & the Environmental Protection Agency
Rediscovery Centre – The National Centre for the Circular Economy

On the 11th of July the Circular Economy Conversation focused on Construction and Demolition, with an in-depth look at its impact on the world today and the sector’s role in a transition to a circular-oriented society. These discussions were led by preeminent thinkers and professionals in the field and offered attendees a chance to learn from and converse with those on the forefront of this important issue. Topics included sustainable design & demolition, the usage of sustainable construction materials, and an overview of current initiatives in circularity within the Construction and Demolition industry.

Presentations from this event

Setting the Scene: National Waste Prevention Programme  Ann Marie Donlon, Environmental Protection Agency

Opportunities to Embed Circularity into the Construction Supply Chain Mark Kelly,  GMIT

Circular Economy in the Built Environment Marion Jammet,  Irish Green Building Council

Bio-based Healthy Materials for Construction Tom Woolley,  Rachel Bevan Architects

Industrial Space Reuse & Showcase Robert Davys,  ABK Architects

Keynote: Building Revolutions: Applying the Circular Economy to Buildings David Cheshire,  AECOM


Circular Economy Conversation – 26th April 2019
Circular Fashion


Hosted by: The Rediscovery Centre & Eastern Midlands Waste Region

On the 26th of April 2019, the Rediscovery Centre,  hosted Ireland’s first Circular Fashion Conference a conversation between designers, suppliers, retailers and makers about how Ireland can move towards fashion circularity.  Attendees heard from Irish and international speakers that have inspired change within the fashion industry. The conversation focussed on how the fashion industry can design out waste & pollution to keep materials in use rather than be sent to landfill.

Speakers included

– Safia Minney MBE, Founder People Tree
– Dr Dorothy Maxwell, Sustainability Director, Brown Thomas and Arnotts, Selfridges Group, Ireland
– Carrie Ann Moran, Rediscover Fashion
– Vikki Brennan, CEO, Proudly Made in Africa
– Joanne Rourke, Resource Efficiency Officer, Eastern-Midlands Waste Regional Office
– Jonna Haeggblom, Head of Marketing and Communication, Circular Fashion
– Courtney Smith, Fashion Stylist
– Aisling Byrne, Founder, The Nu Wardrobe


Circular Economy Conversation – 21st April 2018
Designs for Life

Jeanne Moore and Jim Gannon  

Hosted by: The Rediscovery Centre

For the Designs for Life: The Circular Economy in Action, the Rediscovery Centre invited policy-makers, thought leaders and innovators from across Europe to demonstrate how policy and action are working together to establish circular principles as the new frontier for innovation and economic development.

Speakers included

– Ken Webster, Head of Innovation, Ellen MacArthur Foundation
– Iain Gulland, Chief Executive, Zero Waste Scotland
– Jim Gannon, Chief Executive, Sustainable Energy Authority of Ireland (SEAI)
– Dr Sarah Miller, Chief Executive, The Rediscovery Centre and Project Manager (WISER LIFE)
– Prof Anna Davies, Professor of Geography, Environment and Society, Trinity College Dublin
– Pavlos Doikos, Environmental Coordinator for EU LIFE Programme
– Dr. Jeanne Moore, Policy Analyst, National Economic and Social Council
– Sarah Clear, Education Manager, The Rediscovery Centre
– Derek McGarry, Head of Innovation and Engagement, National College of Art and Design (NCAD)
– Dr Joanne Rourke, Resource Efficiency Officer, Eastern-Midlands Waste Region
– Aideen O’Hora, Director of Sustainable Business, Sustainable Nation
– Dr Shane Colgan, Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)
– Darragh Lynch, Rediscovery Centre Architect, Darragh Lynch Architects