Climate and Environmental Projects Score Huge EU Funding

Posted on 4th May 2021

The LIFE programme, the only EU programme dedicated to climate and environment projects, has been awarded €5.4 billion in funding. This funding will help the EU transition towards a more circular economy while helping to make climate action a key focus of all EU policy. The budget grants €3.5 billion towards environmental projects and €1.9 billion towards climate action, making this the most ambitious EU programme on these issues to date.


The EU programme will contribute to making the necessary shift towards a clean, circular, energy-efficient, low-carbon and climate-resilient economy, to protect and improve the quality of the environment, and to halt and reverse biodiversity loss…When making decisions on what to fund, the Commission should prioritise projects that among other issues, have a clear cross border European interest, the highest potential for replicability and for being taken up by the public or private sector, or for mobilising the largest investments. LIFE will also promote the use of green public procurement.” 


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