EPA Launches Green Enterprise: Innovation for a Circular Economy Fund

Posted on 18th June 2021

The Environmental Protection Agency has launched its Green Enterprise: Innovation for a Circular Economy fund worth €625,000.

Applications are now open for Irish businesses who have business-ready innovative projects and business models that contribute to a climate-neutral, resource-efficient economy. Funding is available from €50k to €100k, targeting the areas of food, plastic, construction and demolition waste, and resources & raw materials.

The types of projects being targeted include (but are by no means limited to):

• Use of eco-design to develop sustainable products.
• Innovation to reduce the use of raw materials in product manufacturing.
• Development and implementation of circular production processes (designing out waste, life cycle analysis).
• Recycling, reuse and repair activities in the business and industry sector.
• Circular services and business models (to transform consumption patterns, logistics and to foster reuse and repair).

Apply before July 29th!

More information available here.