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Essential Everyday Bicycle Maintenance

Event Description:
Learn to keep your bike running smoothly and safely. Bicycle tyres and brakes need regular maintenance, and doing the maintenance yourself will extend the life of your bike’s components and keep you on the road. Join Mark from Rediscover Cycling to develop these skills.

This 3 hour class will include:

- Fitting inner tubes
- Inspecting damaged and worn tubes and tyre
- Rebuilding and setting up mechanical brakes from scratch
- Other general maintenance of chains, saddles, and handlebars
- Simplified, take home notes.

Participants are encouraged to bring their own bike to work on so as to learn to maintain their specific parts. If participants are unable to bring their own bike, a bike can be provided – send us an email to with a description of the type of bike you typically use and we can do our best to have something similar for you on the day.

*Minimum numbers required for workshop to take place
*Participants must be 16 years or over

Event Date and Time:
Sat 13 June 10:00 to 13:00

Event Location:
The Rediscovery Centre | Main Street | D09 HK58 Ballymun |

Event Price: €30

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Bike Maintenance Demonstration

Event Description:
Join Mark from Rediscover Cycling on the 6th of June for a morning of bike maintenance demonstrations. During this two and a half hour demonstration, you will learn about:

Repair Review - Assessing Used Bikes for Reconditioning
With enough time, resources and know-how no bike is beyond repair. This talk will cover common issues encountered when looking at fully reconditioning a bike - how to check for stuck parts that might make it a no-go, what problems are easily remedied, and an introduction to the different sizes of parts and compatibilities.

Mandatory Maintenance - from the Weekly to the Yearly
A bike's components wear naturally with use, but some wear faster than others so different levels of maintenance are needed at different intervals to keep the bike working in ideal condition and getting the most out of each component. Learn what you can do at home, manage with a few simple tools, and what you might need to have a professional do to maintain your bike for the long run.

Cable Controls - Setting up Brakes and Gears
Brake and gear adjustments are some of the most common repairs required on bikes. Doing it yourself takes a bit of practise but with a clear step-by-step guide it becomes a lot easier and eliminates the need to cycle with 'jumpy' gears or slow brakes until you have time to leave it for servicing. At least if you can't manage it yourself, knowing how to troubleshoot the problem will help you communicate to a mechanic what the issue may be. This talk will cover cable controlled ('mechanical') brake and gear systems, and a 4 step system for each for testing and setting them up.

Event Date and Time:
Sat, 6 June 10:00 to 12:30

Event Location:
The Rediscovery Centre | Main Street | D09 HK58 Ballymun |

Event Price: €15

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Calendar of Events

Event Description:
The Rediscovery Centre hosts a full calendar of events all year round. Find the perfect course for you in Fashion, Furniture, Bikes, Education or Tours. If you would like to search our events by date please click here to view our calendar.

Event Date and Time:
2020 Calendar

Event Location:
Rediscovery Centre

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Bicycle Basics – Parent and Child Workshop

Event Description:
Once children are using their own bikes it won't be long before they need a bit of maintenance. This workshop is designed for a child and an accompanying adult to participate together and it teaches the children how to do basic maintenance on their bikes.

This workshop is suitable for children aged 6 to 11 years old. It will be a combination of demonstration and hands on activities on childrens bikes provided for the class.

This will include:
Basic rules for nuts and bolts
Checking for loose bearings
Adjusting saddle height
Checking wheel nuts are tight

How to know what size of wheel a bike has
How to pump up a tyre
Finding punctures in an inner tube

Checking and tightening brakes
Oiling chains
Giving the bike a quick clean

*Child must be accompanied by one adult
*Suitable for children aged 6 to 11 years old

Event Date and Time:
Saturday, 9 May 2020 from 11:00 to 12:30

Event Location:
The Rediscovery Centre | The Boiler House | Ballymun Road | D09 HK58 Ballymun |

Event Price: €25

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