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Due to the COVID-19 restrictions we have the following guidelines in place:

In order to protect visitors and staff, it is mandatory that adults wear a face mask during their visit. If visitors arrive without a mask there will be some available to purchase in our Ecostore. Adults will not be able to join a tour/workshop until they are wearing a face mask. If you have any queries in relation to face masks please email our team on

All adults will be required to show their Covid Certificate before they can join a workshop at the Rediscovery Centre.

In order to assist contact tracing all visitors must complete the following survey within 72 hours of their arrival. One survey must be complete per booking. Visitors will not be able to join a tour/workshop until a survey is completed. You can complete the survey here

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Greener Home and Body Care

Event Description:
Join Zaneta Wright at the Rediscovery Centre for this unique workshop to learn how to make eco-friendly, cost-effective products to take care of your home and body. This workshop will demonstrate how easy it is to reduce the number of harmful chemicals and detergents that you use at home and on the body while still maintaining high standards of care.

Some of the practical demonstrations include making cold process soap, moisturiser, body scrub, laundry solutions and so much more. This is a comprehensive workshop that covers topics such as air purity, dealing with a mouldy home, looking after your feet and finding the right moisturising oil for your skin.

Each participant will leave with a few goodies that we make on the day.

Event Date and Time:
Saturday, June 18, 2022 10:00am - 3pm

Event Location:
Rediscovery Centre

Event Price: €75

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