Earth Day Workshop

Earth Day 2021: Cool Fossils & Hot (Climate) Facts!

Event Description:
Join the Rediscovery Centre and the National Museum of Ireland - Natural History this Earth Day for a special online Primary School event.

Did you know that woolly mammoths used to live in Ireland during the last Ice Age? What experiments can you do at home to explore climate change? Discover this and more in a special Primary Schools event this Earth Day with the National Museum of Ireland – Natural History and the Rediscovery Centre. Join Educators during this fun and interactive live stream and put your questions about Ice Age Ireland, fossils and climate change to the team live via comments on YouTube or Facebook.

Level: 3rd – 6th class Primary Schools

Format: Online via Museum YouTube & Facebook channels

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Cool Fossils!
During the first half of this live streamed event for schools, join Museum Educators to learn about some cool fossils from Ice Age Ireland, including woolly mammoth, spotted hyena, giant deer, brown bear and grey wolves. When and where did these animals live in Ireland and what happened to them? Short videos are combined with live-discussion and Q&A, including a close up virtual inspection of fossils and skulls from the handling collection!

Hot (Climate) Facts!
Then meet Sarah Clear from the Rediscovery Centre’s education team as she shows the connections between the past and the present! Watch a brand new video showcasing science experiments to explain how CO2 causes global warming, discover how the ice ages of the past and global warming now affects our oceans, and see the great experiments you can do at home or at school! Join Sarah in a live-discussion and Q&A to answer your puzzling questions and explore what we can do in our lives to help combat climate change.

Event Date and Time:
Thursday 22nd April 2021 11:30 am – 12:30pm

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