Bike maintenance at the Rediscovery Centre

Four Week Bicycle Maintenance Workshop

Event Description:
This is a four week evening course for the beginner bike mechanic covering all of the most common repairs and maintenance areas in detail:

- Tyres: Identifying the size and type of tyre for your bike, correct tyre pressure, and how to remove and replace the tyre and tube on either wheel.
- Brakes: Fully stripping and rebuilding a cable-operated brake, including the brake pads and cable, from scratch and adjusting it to optimal performance.
- Chains: Breaking and reconnecting a chain as well as cleaning, lubricating, and identifying a worn chain and what type of chain is need for replacement.
- How to tune Gears: both front and rear gears, learning the function of each adjusting bolt and troubleshooting shifting issues.
- Other small adjustments and checks: tightening bearings in the wheels, bottom bracket, and headset; Adjusting saddle and handlebar positions; learning a full comprehensive method for checking the bike in full.

Participants will get hands-on experience working with each of these areas, giving them the skills to maintain their own bicycle, save money by replacing parts themselves, and extend the life of its components. Participants are encouraged to bring their own bicycle in order to become familiar with their particular parts and how they work.

*Minimum numbers required for workshop to take place
*Participants must be over the age of 16

Event Date and Time:
Thursday, 20 February - Thursday, 12 March 2020 from 18:30 to 21:30

Event Location:
The Rediscovery Centre | The Boiler House | Ballymun Road | D09 HK58 Ballymun |

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