FREE Open House Tours of the Rediscovery Centre

Event Description:
Take a free guided access all areas tour of Ireland’s National Centre for the Circular Economy for Open House 2022. The Rediscovery Centre is Europe’s only environmental ‘3D Textbook’ building. Visitors of all ages will learn the unique background of the Rediscovery Centre, the history of old Ballymun Boiler House, and the work the centre carries out for the benefit of the community, the circular economy and our planet. A visit to the ‘living laboratory’ will be an engaging experience taking visitors on a journey through understanding sustainability, biodiversity and community action. Encompassing the workshops, outdoor garden, educational features and much more, visitors are guaranteed to come away with a better understanding of environmental care, the circular economy and take away helpful tips for greener living.

*These tours wouldn't be suitable for school bookings. If your school would like to come to the Rediscovery Centre please email

Event Date and Time:
Friday 14th and Saturday 15th October 2022, 10am, 12pm and 2pm

Event Location:
The Rediscovery Centre, The Boiler House, Ballymun Road, Ballymun, Dublin 9

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