Lego Pixel Art

Lego® Pixel Art

Event Description:
Join the Brickxclub for a creative Lego® brick building workshop for children aged from 5-12 years old. It has been developed to help children learn through play and fun!

Station 1
Skill and techniques - we learn skills like interlocking bricks with 2x4 bricks, pyramid building, bridging etc

Station 2
Themes and stories - boxes of mixed Lego where we pick a theme from a box and build houses, gardens, stories using your imagination

Station 3
Large selection of minifigures, dinosaurs, bionicles- build as many as you like and then make a habitat

Station 4
Pixel art- using 2x2 bricks we follow patterns to make pokemon, unicorns, boats etc

Station 5
Duplo - make giant buildings and animals

Station 6
Architectural zone- build your dream house

Event Date and Time:
Sat, 28 May 2022 14:00 - 15:30

Event Location:
Rediscovery Centre

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