03. How did the idea for the Rediscovery Centre come about?

Posted on 3rd May 2017

The original idea for the Rediscovery Centre came from the community consultation process for the regeneration in Ballymun. One of the key ideas arising from the consultation process was to develop a recycling centre in the area that could create jobs and training opportunities locally, for example by housing workshops that reused or recycled materials on site. From this idea the Rediscovery Centre concept was developed originally by Global Action Plan and Ballymun Regeneration Ltd.

In 2005 a dedicated manager and project officer were hired by Ballymun Regeneration Ltd to develop the Rediscovery Centre and a number of pilot projects were implemented to explore the potential of the original concept. These pilots developed into our successful enterprises running in Ballymun today.

In September 2009, the Rediscovery Centre was formally established as a limited company.  It operates as a not-for-profit enterprise, has charity status, a small board of management and 23 staff.