Featuring on ‘This Is Art Club!’ – 7th April at 5pm

Posted on 31st March 2022

Arran Murphy, Programme Manager at Rediscover Fashion will feature on next Thursday’s episode of ‘This Is Art Club!’ on RTE2 on 7th April at 5pm!

Arran’s segment focuses on ‘Fibre’ and the many ways it has contributed to society. From the threads we wear to the textiles beneath our feet, we often interact with fibres in ways we hardly notice. Artists, designers and craftspeople have invented and innovated using fibres, spinning and weaving cotton, silk and wool, to keep us clothed and fashionable. Join Arran as she upcycles school uniforms, and to learn about all the work that happens at the Rediscovery Centre keeping these precious fibres in circulation.

For more information, click here https://www.rte.ie/thisisart/club/fibre

There will be a repeat of the episode on the following Sunday at noon.