Festival of Circularity Starts April 20th

Posted on 15th April 2021

The inaugural Festival of Circularity starts this month, with an impressive lineup of speakers discussing all things circular across the two day digital festival.

The world needs to change the way it consumes and disposes of goods – from fashion to food, from cans to cars. Businesses across the supply chain recognise the need to move to a circular economy, where reusing and recycling materials creates cost efficiencies and minimises the waste we put into our land and oceans. But the co-ordination of action by businesses and governments needs to increase dramatically to make new, circular systems work – where materials are produced and products are designed to make them easily reusable or recyclable at the end of their lives. 

The Festival of Circular Economy provides a forum for all actors – from start-ups to multinationals, from research projects to governments – to generate the ideas and connections which will accelerate our progress to a world without waste.

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