Five Tools Teachers Can Use To Teach A Circular Economy 

Posted on 7th June 2021

Teaching the circular economy to students is crucial, but some teachers may find it difficult to broach the topic. So, where do you start? Worksheets can be outdated and are far from interactive, so here are five engaging resources teachers can use to introduce the circular economy to their students. 

1. The Circular Classroom Toolbox

The Circular Classroom is an interactive educational toolkit that allows teachers to easily introduce the circular economy to students by integrating the circular economy into their lessons. With the help of 3 modules, the teacher can encourage students to engage in circular thinking. The Circular Classroom is designed for upper secondary high school students.

2. BLOOM School Box

The BLOOM School Box can be used to introduce students to the concept of the bioeconomy. The resource uses science experiments to show how much we can achieve by working with nature, while emphasising the importance of natural resources and recycling. 

3. Circular Economy by European Parliament

This interactive, informational graphic explains the linear versus circular economy, while discussing waste, the more efficient use of resources, and the different goals and actions the EU has set for achieving a circular economy.

4. Ecological Footprint / Earth Overshoot Day

The ecological footprint calculator allows students to see how much of the Earth’s resources remain available for use and how much of those resources we use every year. You can use the calculator to estimate when in the year you have used your personal quota of Earth’s resources and how your use compares to the rest of the world.

5. The Rediscovery Centre’s Sustainable Classroom Guidelines

Teaching the circular economy is one thing. Embodying it is another. Learn about how Irish classrooms can become sustainable with a list of tips, tricks and suppliers that can point teachers in the right direction. Sustainable materials can be more expensive, but there are social, environmental and economic benefits to furnishing your classroom in a sustainable way.

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Discussing the same topic using the same methods can be tiring for students, so using a variety of tools and resources is one way to help keep students engaged while learning about the circular economy.  If you need more inspiration, the Rediscovery Centre also offers a range of interactive, educational workshops related to the circular economy. You can learn more about these workshops here.

You can also explore The Rediscovery Centre’s exciting new STEM and Sustainability project, which features a suite of education programmes, workshops and events on sustainability and STEM topics to audiences throughout Ireland. Explore the project here.

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