Humans of the Boiler House: Steven

Posted on 25th November 2022

‘I always loved bikes, I had a big passion for bikes… I think probably more fixing them than actually cycling them… and I taught my kids, so I was kind of always the mechanic.’

After 32 years as a professional chef, Steven decided to make a change during the pandemic, ‘COVID kind of made me look at my life and think y’know, I think I’ve had enough of this catering now, Covid has made me look into what I actually do want to do in my future.’

Six years ago, Steven had taken an evening bike maintenance class in Dublin city, incidentally taught by our current Programme Lead, Mark. After resolving upon a career change, Steven decided to pursue his long established interest in bikes, training in bicycle engineering and repair across the UK and Ireland, before joining Rediscover Cycling this summer. ‘I love the idea of what the guys do here, and the more I can help out here, of course, that’s what I’m here for… to work here to learn as much as I can and see where I go.’

Cycling in Dublin: ‘it’s like it’s only really starting… It’s kind of happening now. It’s gonna get a hell of a lot bigger. People are gonna start maintaining their bikes because they’re gonna realise how expensive things are gonna get.  It’s a problem, people aren’t maintaining stuff y’know. Hopefully, it will change, it shows us the amount of stuff that we throw out here.’

Steven’s favourite thing about bike repair is ‘wanting to help people. I walk down here, and see people on bikes in absolute bits… the flat tyres they’re cycling around with y’know, and you can hear the click click.. And I’d love to stop them, fix it for them, because it’s such a straightforward job, actually just feeling like I want to help people.’

‘I know it all comes with experience anyway, but [my goal is] just to be able to get something and actually know that I can start from scratch and finish it 100%. If I start something I like to step back and see it finished, say I’m proud of that. Being able to get something that’s in absolute bits and restoring things, I’ve always loved that.’

‘I think the only thing I want to do at the moment is just do my job right… and I want to enjoy what I do. To come to work and enjoy it, go home and say y’know that was a great aul day.’

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Rediscover Cycling traineeships are organised in conjunction with Pobal CSP.