Instagram Live: Shaping Ireland’s Circular Ambition

Posted on 25th May 2021

What you can do to shape Ireland’s Circular ambition?
Philip Nugent discusses Ireland’s Circular Economy Strategy        


Calling all circular citizens!
Time to ask the experts about what you can do to shape Ireland’s Circular Economic future. The Irish Government is taking crucial steps towards guaranteeing an Irish circular economy through its recently published Circular Economy Strategy. The draft strategy document highlights a step change in Ireland’s approach to circularity, showing its ambition to go beyond waste management to supporting sustainable production and consumption. The strategy is now open for public consultation, meaning that citizens can play an active role in creating a circular Ireland.

Join us live on Instagram on May 26th with Philip Nugent to discuss the details, the content and the ambitions of this Circular Economy Strategy, as well as how you can get involved in shaping that ambition. Philip has led the charge within the Department of the Environment, Climate and Communications to get this strategy published. As Assistant Secretary, he leads the Natural Resources and Waste Policy function.

When: 14:30 26th of May 2021

Where: Instagram Live @rediscoveryctr