Irish Government approves landmark Climate Bill

Posted on 30th March 2021

The Irish Government has approved legislation to set Ireland on the path to net-Zero emissions no later than 2050, and to a 51% reduction in emissions by the end of this decade. The Bill will also provide the framework for Ireland to meet its international and EU climate commitments and to become a leader rather than a laggard in addressing climate change.

The Bill provides for a national climate objective, which commits to pursue and achieve no later than 2050, the transition to a climate resilient, biodiversity-rich, environmentally-sustainable and climate-neutral economy.

“This revised Climate Bill has raised our climate ambition and put this scaled-up framework into law. We need to meet this moment and are now required by national and EU law to do so. The momentum is well and truly behind climate action, and we need to make sure we implement it quickly and fairly. Each sector will have to play its part in transforming our economy and society, and this includes agriculture. If we are to meet these targets outlined in the Bill, we need an agricultural model that operates within our planetary boundaries and champions small farmers. We know we can get there, and it is now up to the Government to put us well and truly on that path by taking the Agri-Food 2030 Strategy back into its own hands.” Karen Cielsielski, co-ordinator of the Environmental Pillar

Read more about the Climate Bill here on the Irish Environmental Pillar website.