Carrie Ann Moran Rediscover Fashion

Irish Times Magazine and the Rediscovery Centre

Posted on 20th July 2019

The Rediscovery Centre was delighted to contribute to the Irish Times magazine (published 20th July 2019) article on fast fashion “Not so fast, fashion: Is it time for the industry’s ‘Blue Planet’ moment?”

“We have to think about what will happen at the end of life of materials at the design stage,” says Carrie-Ann Moran, head of Rediscover Fashion at the Rediscovery Centre, now the national centre for the circular economy – the term used to describe an economic system which aims to minimise waste – in Ireland. “The problem with the current system is that 70 per cent of materials are synthetically blended [a mix of synthetic and natural materials], which makes them extremely difficult to be broken down for recycling.”

Designers need to create new materials that will be less synthetic and that will not leak microfibres into our water systems, says Moran, who is also the national co-ordinator for Fashion Revolution in Ireland. “Ten per cent of textile waste happens before the materials leave the factory, so we have to tackle this pre-consumer textile waste too,” she explains. New zero-waste pattern practices re-blend natural fibre off-cuts from the cutting room floor.”

The full article can be read here