Let’s Talk Science Festival Downloadable Activities

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Below you will find some amazing downloadable content from our exhibitors. These exhibitors include:

Irish Bats
An introduction to Bats presentation
How to build a Bat Box
The Bat Moth Game

Pollinators-friendly plants for your garden
Gardens: actions to help pollinators
Presentation on Gardens: actions to help pollinators
How to guide: creating wild pollinator nesting habitats
Pollinators-friendly planting code
All-Ireland Pollinator plan – Junior Version
Infographic: lifecycle of Bumblebee
Infographic: lifecycle of Solitary Bees
Species of Bumblebees
How to guide: how to create a pollinator plan for your school

Minerals Resource Card
The chocolate rock cycle
Minerals in a smartphone poster
Dinosaurs, fossils, volcanoes, earthquakes activity sheets
The UK and Ireland’s 100 greatest Geosites
A collection of lesson plans for Earth science classroom activities