Let’s Talk Science Festival Video Content

The Let’s Talk Science Festival took place online on the 13th and 14th of November 2020. Thank you to all the exhibitors who have kindly made their videos and activities available for families at home, so children can engage with science during lockdown. All the Let’s Talk Science activities are available for a limited time only

You can watch all of the videos below and the exhibitors will appear in alphabetical order.

Armagh Planetarium

Science at Home – Learn all about ISS (General, families, primary)

Science at Home – Learn all about Meteorites (General, families, primary)

Cosmic Classroom (Primary school)

Explore Your Shore!

Virtual Rocky Shore Safari (General, families, primary)

Global Action Plan

The Power of Growing your Own (General, families, primary)

Leave No Trace Ireland

The Science of Litter (General)

Local Authority Water Programme

Protect and improve water quality in our catchments (General, primary, secondary)

Marine Institute

Marine Institute Content for Explorers Favourite Ocean Facts and Activities
Marine Institute Videos for SmartBay Observatory (General, families, primary)
Marine Institute Videos for a Changing Ocean Climate (General, families, primary)
Marine Institute Video of Marine Research Vessels – RV Celtic Explorer Virtual Tour (General, families, primary)

How To Draw A Whale or A Dolphin (General, families, primary)

How To Draw A Fish Or A Shellfish (General, families, primary)

How To Draw A ROV Holland I (General, families, primary)

Seabed Mapping Video

Maynooth University

STEM Careers Video: Engineering and Ocean Energy (Secondary)

Rediscovery Centre

Engineering Bridges (Families, primary)

Gardening for wildlife (Families, primary)

Acids and Bases (Families, primary)

Egg in a bottle investigation with Christiana from our Education Team (General, families, primary)

Met Éireann 

What role does Met Éireann play in helping to make Ireland more climate prepared? (General, families, primary)

How we do know Ireland’s climate is changing? (General, families, primary)

What will Ireland’s future climate look like, and by knowing this how does this help us now? (General, families, primary)

Met Éireann Weather Warnings Explained

Industry Speaker: Dr. Sarah Gallagher, Head of Observations at Met Éireann

Joanna Donnelly and Harm Luijkx– Aviation Forecasting and General Forecasting

Joanna Donnelly’s demonstration of the coriolis effect

Numerical Weather Prediction explained – Dr. Alan Hally and Dr. Colm Clancy


Geological Society of London

Lunchtime Scientists: Real Conversations with Scientists, Planetary Geology (14-18 year olds, Secondary)

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