Policy work

The Rediscovery Centre reviews, analyses and informs circular economy policy on a regional, national and international scale. The Centre aims to communicate policy developments and impacts in an accessible manner. Relevant circular economy policy documents can be found in the Resource Library section on our website.

Advisory group to the Waste Action Plan

The Government of Ireland is developing a new national waste policy. This ‘Waste Action Plan for a Circular Economy’ will guide the future Irish policy on waste prevention and management. The Rediscovery Centre is part of the plan’s Advisory Group, a stakeholder group from a range of different sectors that supports the government in preparing the new waste policy. The first meeting was held on January 31st 2020 and included a presentation from our CEO, Sarah Miller, on Citizen Engagement.

Webinar on the European Commission’s Circular Economy Action Plan – Moving Forward

On the 7th of May, 2020, the Rediscovery Centre and the Environmental Protection Agency hosted a webinar on the European Commission’s new Circular Economy Action Plan launched in March 2020. The webinar began with an introduction by Mary Frances Rochford (EPA), a short summary of the CEAP by Laura Niessen (Rediscovery Centre) and continued with a discussion with guest experts Philip Nugent (Assistant Secretary, DCCAE), Ladeja Godina Košir (Founder and Executive Director of Circular Change) and Cillian Lohan (Member of the European Economic and Social Committee and CEO, Green Economy Foundation).

You can watch the recorded webinar here.

Webinar on Circular Economy Action Plans and Strategies – Lessons from other countries

Circular Economy Action Plans have been developed and implemented on a national, regional and city level in different parts of Europe. To compare the different focal points and draw lessons from other countries’ work, the Rediscovery Centre has produced a webinar that can be viewed here.

Youth Dialogue on the Irish Circular Economy

The Rediscovery Centre, in partnership with the National Youth Council of Ireland (NYCI) and the Young Voices project, have received EU Erasmus+ funding to coordinate a structured dialogue between young adults and policymakers on the circular economy and environmental policy in Ireland. This project is youth-led and a national planning committee has been assembled through universities and youth groups. The planning committee set a structure and agenda for a large-scale dialogue event with policy makers. The event has been postponed due to health concerns in relation to COVID-19.

Policy representation

The Rediscovery Centre is active in environmental and social policy through its membership of the following