Rediscover Cycling

Rediscover Cycling is a bicycle reuse social enterprise dedicated to building & reconditioning bicycles whilst providing training and employment opportunities.


Rediscover Cycling has been putting life back into unwanted bicycles since 2010. Bikes are donated for reuse and we create revamped bicycles to be sold in the Rediscovery Centre Eco Store and some of our collection can be viewed online here The bike team has expanded its business to include providing on-site bike clinics to corporate and other organisations to promote sustainable transport.

Rediscover Cycling has a number of bikes for sale that can be purchased at the Rediscovery Centre Eco store and some of our collection can be viewed online here

We run a number of Bike Courses at the Rediscovery Centre. To book a course please click here

Bicycle and parts donations
Bicycles and bicycle part donations are very welcome at Rediscover Cycling. We do not charge for bicycle recycling.

Further information


Rediscover Cycling is delighted to work in partnership with Fingal County Council who facilitate the collection of bicycles for reuse through the Estuary Recycling Centre. Please note that Fingal County Council may apply a charge for entry and use of the recycling centre.