Rediscover Cycling

Rediscover Cycling is a bicycle reuse social enterprise dedicated to building & reconditioning bicycles whilst providing training and employment opportunities.


Rediscover Cycling is a social enterprise that has been putting life back into unwanted bicycles since 2010. Bikes donated for reuse are collected from the recycling centres and we create revamped bicycles to be sold in the Eco Store located in the Rediscovery Centre. The bike team has expanded its business to include providing on-site bike clinics to corporate and other organisations to promote sustainable transport.

Rediscover Cycling has a number of bikes for sale that can be purchased at the Eco Store located in the Rediscovery Centre. They are also available on our website:

We run a number of Bike Courses at the Rediscovery Centre. To book a course please click here

Bicycle donations:

Rediscover Cycling will gladly accept your bike donation at the Rediscovery Centre once approved in advance by our Rediscover Cycling Programme Manager, Mark Dunn. We only accept bicycles that we are sure we can successfully recondition, and will provide a training experience for our staff in the workshop.

To make a donation, please email Mark at with a picture of the bicycle you are donating and he will send you a confirmation email so it can be accepted at the Ecostore.

Some information to help you understand what we are looking for before you email the pictures;
– Adult bikes only, in good condition
– No kids bikes
– No children carrying equipment for bicycles
– No cycling helmets

Note: Once approved, bicycle donations can be accepted at the Rediscovery Centre. If you are not able to deliver your bike we can pick it up but a collection fee will apply.

Rediscover Cycling also works in partnership with Fingal County Council’s Estuary Recycling Centre in Swords, where bicycles are stored for us for reuse and reconditioning. Note: A gate fee may be charged by Fingal County Council to bring a bicycle to this recycle centre.

For any other enquiries, please email Mark at

Further information


Rediscover Cycling is delighted to work in partnership with Fingal County Council who facilitate the collection of bicycles for reuse through the Estuary Recycling Centre. Please note that Fingal County Council may apply a charge for entry and use of the recycling centre.