Carrie Ann Moran Stellar Magazine July 2019

Rediscover Fashion and Stellar Magazine

Posted on 15th June 2019

Carrie Ann Moran from Rediscover Fashion at the Rediscovery Centre is listed in this months StellarMagazine as one of Ireland’s Warrior Women working in sustainable fashion. Carrie Ann has been working in the fashion industry for over 15 years and has been working with the industry to educate designers and manufactures to design out waste and keep their materials in use rather then be sent to landfill.

Talking about the recent Circular Fashion Conference at the Rediscovery Centre Carrie Ann stated that “The idea was to provide information and identify what is going on in the industry but also to try and create a roadmap for Ireland so we can identify where we are really falling behind in comparison to European standards of a circular economy.” If you want more information about the Circular Fashion Conference that took place in April 2019 check our video here