Rediscovery Centre and WISER Life project at the Rose Festival this weekend

Posted on 14th July 2016

It’s that time of year again and the Rediscovery Centre will be making its annual appearance at the Rose Festival this weekend (July 16th & 17th). Each year Dublin City Council outdoes itself by running a fantastic festival for the people of Dublin and beyond, and this year will surely be no different.

The Rediscovery Centre tent will be located in the ‘Wildlife & Good Life’ Village/Area, and it will be open for the duration of the Festival, which runs from 10am-5pm on Saturday and Sunday. At our tent, we will be leading games, activities, and nature collages for children. We will also be displaying a variety of our eco-products, which will be available for purchase. The WISER LIfe team will also be on home to talk to you about our new centre for reuse and circular economy research & education.

Our tent will also serve as the starting point for our extremely popular nature trails on the Saturday of the festival.

The Rediscovering Nature Trail is a 30-40 minute exploration of wildlife hotspots that will take place on Saturday at 11am, 1pm, and 3pm. Here you can join the Rediscovery Centre in discovering the incredible biodiversity within St. Anne’s Park. Learn about the variety of plants and animals living in urban parks, such as wildflowers, butterflies, bees, birds, squirrels and other small creatures!

The Rediscovering Nature Trail is suitable for families, as are all of our activities. We ask that children please be accompanied by an adult.

We hope to see you there.