Rediscovery Centre

Rediscovery Centre Consultation

Posted on 15th June 2022

There was fantastic local engagement with a Rediscovery Centre led consultation on vacant sites and sustainability. A total of 179 people, young and old, responded to our survey or took part in focus groups during March and April. Our aim was to spark an inclusive community conversation on this subject – we asked, and the people of Ballymun responded!

The results confirm that attractive public spaces and green open spaces are valued in our area and, relatedly, that health and wellbeing are a priority. Views were sought on how a disused main street site could be used for community and environmental benefit. A meeting and exhibition space, an affordable second hand store, resource reuse, water reuse, and a community café were all ranked highly among respondents.

Reacting to drawings of what the site could look like in the future respondents top three ‘likes’ were greenery and planting, open public space as well as retail and a café. Additional suggestions about how the site could be used, focused on the outdoor space and planting as well as its potential as an educational tool for children.

Community members’ creativity shone through in focus groups and potential uses for the site, ideas included workshops, a space for craftspeople with pop up markets and phone charging and Wi-Fi run by renewable energy. Overwhelmingly what came through in these discussions was everyone’s commitment to the community, and the people of Ballymun’s indomitable spirit. The Rediscovery Centre would like to thank all who gave their time to feed into the consultation and we are excited to continue the conversation on creating a more sustainable Ballymun!