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Relove Fashion and Ireland AM

Posted on 24th February 2021

The Relove Fashion Competition will be featured on Ireland AM at 9.45am on Thursday the 25th of February 2021. Arran Murphy Programme Manager for Rediscover Fashion and broadcaster Lorraine Keane will be on Ireland AM to give everyone a sneak preview of five of the finalists and to let everyone know about the amazing work submitted by the students. This year, there are 18 finalists, and there will be five winners in the following categories: Best Casual, Best Evening, Best Innovation, Best Tailoring and one Overall Winner. The category winners and overall winner will be announced at a virtual event at 11.30am. Keep an eye on the competitions Instagram @relove_fashioncomp and Twitter @Relove_Fashion for the announcement of the winners!  #ReloveFashion #ReloveFashionCompetition

What is the Relove Fashion Competition?

The Relove Fashion competition was open to secondary schools in the Eastern Midlands Waste Region and it encouraged students to take a deeper look at how their clothing is made. Ten local authorities came together to create the Relove Fashion competition to help students explore creative reuse options such as upcycling, repairs, alterations and mending.