Repair Cafes 2023!

Posted on 22nd December 2022

Repair is an integral part of achieving a circular economy, and as the National Centre for the Circular Economy, we were delighted to host our first Repair Cafe, and to share a bit of what we do with the country on RTE’s Nationwide.

We are excited to announce we’ll be hosting FOUR more Repair Cafes in 2023! Save the dates: 18th February, 20th May,  12th August, and 14th October.

Register your interest for our February event now, and we will be in contact with you in 2023 to book a time slot!

These events are a great way to reduce waste, help people save money on repairs, and bring your community together. Are you looking to set up a Repair Cafe in your community? Email to find out dates for our 2023 Repair Cafe training courses. 

In the meantime, here are some top tips to get you started!

  1. Build your team!
    Reach out to sustainability enthusiasts and DIY experts in your community.

  2. Choose a location!
    The space should be large enough to accommodate your tools and equipment, as well as any tables or chairs you plan to set up for your group.

  3. Gather your tools and equipment!
    Try to borrow tools and equipment from members of your community, or consider renting them from a local library of things.

  4. Spread the word!
    Once you have a location, time, tools, and volunteers, it’s time to tell people all about your Repair Cafe. Try local WhatsApp groups, social media, and community boards.  Be sure to include information on the date, time, location, and what items can be brought along.

  5. Repair!
    On the day, providing tea, snacks & music is a great way to boost community spirits. Ensure visitors stay while their item is being repaired, so they can work with the repairer to learn a new skill that they’ll be able to use at home.

Keep it simple and build from there. Happy repairing!

Don’t forget to save the date for our Rediscovery Centre Repair Cafes: 18th February, 6th May,  12th August, and 14th October.