The Rediscovery Centre actively participates in research, particularly in the fields of sustainability, behavioural change, resource efficiency and waste management.

Development of a Material Reuse Framework

This project produced a high-level overarching protocol and 4 material specific protocols for reuse that will feed into an overarching framework for waste reuse in Ireland. The research clarifies the current challenges for material reuse such as waste classification, regulatory and reporting issues and sought to address them through the development of best practice protocols and document templates. The protocols are of use to anyone who wishes to participate in active reuse. determine if an item is deemed suitable for reuse or alternatively if it needs to considered as a waste and managed appropriately. The research focussed primarily on wastes in the post-consumer goods category that are currently managed by reuse organisations in Ireland, including furniture, textiles and bikes. The research was also extended to include some post-manufacturing waste streams (e.g. packaging, food, textiles, C&D, ELV’s). The final guide is available here EPA report 1 

Developing a Sustainability Framework for the Reuse Sector

This project identified key social, economic and environmental benefits of waste reuse in a national context leading to improved impact assessment and environmental performance within the reuse sector. Sustainability indicators were identified, validated and tested which have the potential for application in SMEs and the waste sector. A sustainability framework was created to allow for data collection across the sector which supports the development of a national template for sustainability reporting and builds capacity demonstrating reuse innovation. This project was funded under the STRIVE Green Enterprise Programme. The final report is available Sustainability Report

Assessing the Impact of Applied Waste Related Training on Attitudes and Behaviours in Academia 

This project measured the impact that applied skills training has upon attitudes and behaviours in various sectors and provided a methodology for such impact analysis that can be replicated by other organisations. The project involved the development, piloting, assessment and redevelopment of a 5 day applied training course in resource efficiency and reuse and measured the impact of the training in terms of participant attitudes and behavioural change. This project was funded under the STRIVE Green Enterprise Programme.

Implementation of an Urban Community Composting Programme

Internationally, community-scale composting projects are both popular and effective for processing organic waste in many urban environments. They involve the cooperation of communities in the management of their own waste, supporting key environmental principles, increasing environmental awareness and enhancing social cohesion. In Ireland, only a very small number of initiatives have been undertaken and there exists a huge potential for further development. This project which assesses the potential role of community-scale in-vessel composting in Ireland and identifies the challenges associated with small-scale organic waste composting, was funded under the ERTDI Programme 2000-2006.

You can download the final project reports here

Collaborative Research

Renew (Resource Innovation Network for European Waste)

ReNEW represents a network of organisations whose aim is to deliver innovations for the waste supply chain – promoting recovery of valuable materials from waste. ReNEW is funded by the Interreg IVB North West Europe scheme. The Rediscovery Centre acts as a dissemination partner for the network.

European Network of Living Labs (ENoLL)

The Dublin Living Lab, hosted by The Green Way is a member of ENoLL. The Rediscovery Centre WISER Life project will have capability to be a “plug-and-play” test environment of innovators of new technology or services, for energy, water and waste technologies.

Enterprise Ireland – Living Lab Cluster

The Green Way cluster programme, supported by Enterprise Ireland, will deliver discrete test-beds for clean technologies, services and processes across a number of targeted themes. More information is available here

Resource Revival

This project presents key opportunities to promote the reuse of products and reuse activities whilst offering significant environmental benefits. This project aims to increase the rates of reuse and elevate its profile in society through the dissemination workshops to encourage behaviour change and active public participation in waste reuse activities. This project is led by the Community Reuse Network Ireland, of which the Rediscovery Centre is a founder member.

Reuse It! – The Reuse Smartphone App

This project aimed to produce a smart phone app for consumers to identify reuse organisations in their area. This project is led by the Community Reuse Network Ireland of which the Rediscovery Centre is a founder member. The app is now available for download.

Community Based Learning and Research

Community based learning and research projects allow third level students to work with community organisations on real life problems. These types of projects have benefits for both the students and the organisations involved; the students gain valuable real world experience while working towards their third level qualification and the community organisation benefits from the interaction with the students and the project deliverables.

The Rediscovery Centre works with many of the third level institutions in Dublin on such projects, examples of which are given below:

Conference presentations and workshops