Building on the successes of the WISER LIFE project, which resulted in the construction of The Rediscovery Centre building itself, the DIRECT LIFE Project (Digital Rediscovery Centre) will see the centre undergo a complete digital transformation.

The aim of the project is to create a robust digital infrastructure that can help The Rediscovery Centre to achieve its current aims and goals of educating, demonstrating and advocating for the transition to a circular economy. These digital foundations will be used as a springboard for any future campaigns and national initiatives, creating a digital resiliency and an improved reach for our digital content. The project will improve the quantity, quality and visibility of our digital output, as well as our operations.

The project, which will be rooted in market research and best practice, will ensure that the public engagement ambitions of the centre are reflected in, and empowered by, state of the art sustainable digital infrastructure. It will be delivered through four clearly defined work packages over a 2 year period.

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