Safety and sustainability: the Rediscovery Centre at Henkel’s Safety Expo

Posted on 1st July 2016

On Friday, July 1st, Henkel Ireland Ltd. hosted a day of safety workshops at their headquarters in Tallaght. Rediscover Cycling’s Paul Callan and business intern Isabel O’Connell led a seminar on how safety and sustainability are linked through upcycling and reuse.

Paul brought two bikes that he and his team had refurbished, mounted a large silver bicycle on a bike rack for demonstration, and explained the importance of regular maintenance. Much like cars, bikes require care and upkeep to ensure that they are running properly. This not only makes them safer to ride, but also extends their lives, which reduces both expenses and waste. Even something as simple as scrubbing the chain with washing up liquid and re-oiling it every few weeks can greatly increase the lifespan of the gears by preventing damage caused by ground in dirt.

Paul also explained in the seminar that safety is paramount to the Rediscover Cycling team, as they take care to ensure that their refurbishments are as safe as they are sustainable. The silver demonstration bike contains parts from roughly three different bikes, as not every part from every bike can be saved if it is too severely damaged or worn beyond repair, because there can be no compromise in regards to safety. All the parts that cannot be reused are recycled at a local recycling centre.

It was an engaging and successful day of workshops, and well organized by the team at Henkel.

For information on bike safety or sustainable refurbishment, please contact Paul Callan at for more details.