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Hempcrete Seminar and Workshop

Hempcrete Seminar and Workshop, 31st January 2020

As part of our Circular Economy Conversations series, the Rediscovery Centre hosted a unique Hempcrete Seminar and Workshop on the 31st January 2020.  This event was held in association with the Hemp Cooperative of Ireland and attracted architects, builders, engineers, built environment professionals and self-build home owners from all over Ireland. This event included presentations, discussions, workshops and hands-on demonstrations on hempcrete and highlighted its role in the future of circular construction.

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Health and Wellness Festival at Rediscovery Centre

Health and Wellness Festival on 11th January 2020

On 11th January 2020, the Rediscovery Centre hosted its first Health and Wellness Festival.  It proved to be a hands-on and engaging chance to take a positive step into 2020. In the wake of a new year and under the theme of physical and mental regeneration, this day-long event consisted of immersive talks, inspiring seminars, community yoga classes, food sampling and more, all contributed by local health and fitness enterprises in Ballymun. Topics covered include fitness, diet, nutrition, mental health and creativity. It ran as part of First Fortnight, a festival in the first two week of January that focused on challenging mental health stigma.

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Rediscover Christmas Fair

Rediscover Christmas Fair, 6th 7th 8th December 2019

The Rediscovery Centre was delighted to host our free to attend Rediscover Christmas Fair on the 6th, 7th and 8th of December. This event combined our work with independent suppliers and our sustainability ethos to create Dublin’s best sustainable Christmas fair. This sustainable Christmas experience included independent retailers, sustainability made products and other businesses that focus on reuse, quality and local production. Along with a chance to shop for creative Christmas gifts, this family friendly event included workshops, games, festive food, Christmas movie screenings, festive drinks and even Santa’s Elves workshops.

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Women in Science

Lets Talk Science Festival

Lets Talk Science Festival, 14th and 16th November 2019

The Rediscovery Centre and Global Action Plan are delighted to have hosted the Let’s Talk Science, Ballymun’s science festival, which took place across two events this year on Thursday the 14th of November and Saturday the 16th November 2019. This exciting free festival is a unique opportunity to have fun and explore science, technology, engineering and maths. Let’s Talk Science is open to people of all ages, and over 450 people joined us to explore the fun world of Science and this year’s important theme of Climate Action. From the life in our oceans and on land, to renewable energy and your food, we discovered the science behind climate change and what can be done to fight it. With the help of brilliant female scientists taking part in our Women in Science event and 13 great exhibitors at the Lets Talk Science Festival, the Rediscovery Centre and Global Action Plan made Let’s Talk Science 2019 a memorable and exciting experience.

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Ballymun: Past, Present and Future Event

Ballymun: Past, Present and Future, 2nd November

The Rediscovery Centre was delighted to welcome the Dublin Lord Mayor Paul McAuliffe and the Sam Maguire Cup to the Centre on Saturday the 2nd of November. They came to the Rediscovery Centre as part of the Ballymun Past, Present and Future event to highlighted the historical past, the cultural present and the future of Ballymun. The event included tours by Luke Murphy, a photo exhibition by Bill Hastings, Archaeology by Nikolah Gilligan, a Colin O’Laoghaire video about the construction of Ballymun and the Sam Maguire Cup.

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Jay Blades Masterclass

Jay Blades Masterclass, 26th October 2019

The Rediscovery Centre was delighted to welcome the BBC TV presenter Jay Blades to Dublin for an upcycling masterclass on Saturday the 26th of October. It was Jays first time in Dublin and he is best known for hosting The Repair Shop and Money for Nothing on BBC. During this masterclass, our own Gerard Griffin from Rediscover Furniture hosted a session on French polishing. Next, Jay took the stage and demonstrated his most popular upcycling techniques. Attendees were able to view the demonstrations and there was also an interactive Q&A session. It was an extremely successful day filled with lots of happy upcyclers, and we feel honoured to be the first to host Jays masterclass in Dublin.

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Official Opening of The Boiler House Café

Official Opening of the Boiler House Café, 29th July 2019

The Boiler House Café was officially launched by Dublin’s Lord Mayor Paul McAuliffe on Monday the 29th of July.  The launch provided samples of the cafés produce, fun family activities and tours of the Rediscovery Centre. The Boiler House Café has a focus on providing top of the range Fairtrade tea and coffee with tasty homemade sandwiches.

The Boiler House Café at the Rediscovery Centre is now open Monday to Friday from 9am – 3pm. As with all of the Rediscovery Centre’s enterprises, the Boiler House Café has a focus on sustainability, reuse and the minimisation of waste. Customers who bring their own reuse cup will also receive a discount when they purchase a hot beverage. This is to encourage reuse and minimise any waste going to landfill. In the unlikely incident of food being left on the plate, all food waste will be composted onsite and used to fertilise the garden.

More information about our café can be viewed here

Circular Economy Conversations – Construction and Demolition

Circular Economy Conversations

Construction & Demolition -11th July 2019

On the 11th July the first Circular Economy Conversation focused on Construction and Demolition, with an in depth look at its impact on the world today and the sector’s role in a transition to a circular-oriented society. These discussions were led by preeminent thinkers and professionals in the field and offered attendees a chance to learn from and converse with those on the forefront of this important issue. Topics included sustainable design & demolition, the usage of sustainable construction materials, and an overview of current initiatives in circularity within the Construction and Demolition industry.

The presentations can be viewed here

Carrie Ann Moran - Rediscover Fashion

Circular Fashion Conference

Circular Fashion Conference  – 26th April 2019

The Rediscovery Centre, the National Centre for the Circular Economy, hosted Ireland’s first Circular Fashion Conference on the 26th of April 2019. This innovative conference brought together designers, suppliers, retailers and makers to discuss how Ireland can move towards fashion circularity.

At this conference attendees heard from Irish and international speakers that inspired changes to the Irish fashion industry. It looked at how the fashion industry can design out waste, pollution and keep materials in use rather then be sent to landfill.

Videos from this event can be viewed here

Jeanne Moore and Jim Gannon

The Circular Economy in Action

Designs For Life: The Circular Economy in Action – 23rd March 2018

On the 23rd of March 2018 the Rediscovery Centre – Ireland’s national Centre of Excellence for the Circular Economy – invited policy-makers, thought leaders and innovators from across Europe to demonstrate how policy and action are working together to establish circular principles as the new frontier for innovation and economic development.

Videos from this event can be viewed here