“Stop Food Waste” Tours Resource Page

Thank you for joining the “Stop Food Waste” Tour! We hope you’ve been inspired to take steps towards putting an end to food waste at work and in the home.

Please find below links to the different campaigns, organisations, and products that were mentioned during the tour.

“Stop Food Waste” Tour Survey

We’d greatly appreciate it if you could take time to fill out this short survey: https://kwiksurveys.com/s/6bAvFl5y


To learn more about the EPA’s StopFoodWaste Campaign head to StopFoodWaste.ie.

Wasted Project by GIY

You can learn more about the project here.

Too Good To Go

You can download the app and learn more about what they do here.


You can learn more about how SymbioBeer was developed here and you can buy some to try for yourself here.

Cream of the Crop Gelato

Head to Cream of the Crop’s website to get your own.


Learn more about our food sharing future here and explore their food sharing database here.