Success in Paris Agreement goals dependent on adopting a circular economy

Posted on 23rd April 2021

At the World Circular Economy Forum (WCEF), which occurred on April 15th and 16th out of Finland, UN Climate Change Executive, Patricia Espinosa, stressed the importance of countries adopting circular economies to achieve climate neutrality. A shift towards a circular economy is one of the most powerful actions that governments can take to lower emissions across all sectors.  

UN Climate Change Deputy Executive Secretary, Ovais Sarmad, explains why the circular economy is essential to achieving the Paris Agreement: 

“The Paris Agreement calls for a transformation of our production and consumption patterns – particularly in developed countries. That means circular economy principles: using less resources, more sustainable materials and recycling the ones we have used.” He added: “Energy supply, transport, buildings and waste management remain priority sectors for immediate climate action. In our engagement with policymakers, business and investors on these topics, the circular economy will be part of the agenda.”

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