Rediscovery Centre Educational Summer Camp Workshops

Summer Camps for kids

Posted on 20th May 2019

Looking for some fun activities for your children during the summer holidays? Then why not join us for a week filled with fun hands-on activities? The Rediscovery Centre Summer Camp takes place from the 22nd of July – 26th of July and 26th of August – 30th of August. Our Camps are themed days with educational and fun activities, games, experiments and arts & crafts to stimulate their curiosity and interest in our natural environment. Tickets for our Summer Camps can be purchased here

Our Summer Days camps are suitable for children aged 6 to 12 years old. Our facilitators are experienced in working with children and are Garda vetted.

Biodiversity: We will explore the wildlife, habitats, ecosystems and food chains in our gardens. A range of outdoor games will also be included such as making bird feeders, going on a bug hunt and pond dipping. We will also look at how easy it is to encourage biodiversity at home and why it is so important to do so.

Science: How important is science in our lives? What cool things do scientists do? Come and try your hands at acid- base reactions, discover the power of magnets and other intriguing experiments like the chemistry of bubbles and learn about the tricks our sight plays on our brains!

Space: Interested in space, what’s in it and why it does what it does? Do you want to build and launch your very own rocket and become an expert on meteorites impacts? Then come and join us for this journey in space!

Engineering: Discover why engineering is such an essential part of our lives in this exciting investigation into what makes the world tick. Different engineering challenges will put your mathematical, problem solving and analytical skills to the test.

Waste: Worried about waste and how best to deal with it? This day is dedicated to finding exciting and innovative solutions to dealing with waste through quizzes, activities and crafty designs. Just because it’s ‘waste’ doesn’t mean that it’s useless!

What to bring: sun screen/rain jacket, water, hat/cap, food for a small break and lunch, lots of imagination and curiosity!