Circular fashion takes to the high street

Posted on 27th March 2021

As part of the Ellen MacArthur Foundation’s Jean’s Redesign challenge, Gap have released five natural fibre denim styles that are “made to be made again,”. The jeans feature removable hardware, which poses serious difficulty in recycling denim. (via Fashion United).

Meanwhile, luxury and fast fashion brands are finding new uses for sustainable materials. Beauty company Coty and alternative energy innovator Lanza Tech have announced plans to make ethanol perfume from captured carbon. By 2023, Coty plans on creating the majority of its perfumes from captured carbon.

Vegan leather has also seen some positive news from major labels. Hermes is now using Mushroom leather to manufacture its classic Victoria bag while Stella McCartney are also swapping out carbon intensive leather for mycelium-based alternatives.H&M meanwhile have been busy behind the scenes investing in Desserto’s Cactus leather, while, British footwear brand Asics have recycled old clothing to release a fresh line of upcycled runners.