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Humans of the Boiler House: Steven

‘I always loved bikes, I had a big passion for bikes… I think probably more fixing them than actually cycling them… and I taught my kids, so I was kind of always the mechanic.’

After 32 years as a professional

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Humans of the Boiler House: JP

‘For me, it’s my main mode of transport. I don’t drive and even if I did, I think I’d still use the bike a lot more, because I think it’s just essential around Dublin. And even as a kid as

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Humans of the Boiler House: Martin

‘I used to cycle… I used to use it for work every morning, because there was no other way. I was out at half five in the morning, so there was no other mode of transport. I did that for

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Humans of the Boiler House: Mark

The Ballymun Boiler House is full of creative and inspirational craftspeople. People who have found their way to the circular economy through all walks of life.


To celebrate them, we are  kicking off  our  ‘Humans of the Boiler House’ series

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