The EPA are calling for comments on the best practice guidelines for waste in construction and demolition.

Posted on 26th April 2021


One third of all waste produced within the EU comes from construction and demolition (C&D) activity. 6.2 million tonnes of C&D waste was produced in 2018 alone. C&D waste, when managed properly can have significant benefits in terms of sustainability and quality of life. The EPA have proposed a new set of guidelines to replace the ‘Best Practice Guidelines on the Preparation of Waste Management Plans for Construction and Demolition Waste Projects.’,

The replacement guidelines reflect current waste legislation and policy including ‘A Waste Action Plan for a Circular Economy Ireland’s National Waste Policy 2020-2025’ published in September 2020

The EPA are calling for comments on the latest best practice guidelines for the preparation of resource management plans for construction and demolition projects, prior to finalisation 

This document can be accessed at the following link :

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