The Fairphone of laptops has arrived

Posted on 28th March 2021

Weighing in at 50 million tons and valued at $57 billion annually, e-waste is the globe’s fastest growing waste stream. With the average EU citizen creating 16kg of e-waste, the need to design long-lasting, repairable hardware and tech products is immense.

Answering the call, tech company Framework has announced its first product: the Framework laptop, a 13.5-inch notebook with a number of modular parts. Almost all of the laptop’s hardware (the display, battery, keyboard and display bezels) are replaceable, allowing users the option of swapping out several components when they break, or need an upgrade. Read more about the laptop here.

Meanwhile, Fairphone itself has recently produced a list of 14 materials that are in high usage across the electronics industry. Analyzing over 50 materials found in smartphones, its list will guide Fairphone’s responsible sourcing efforts in the coming years, with a view to creating a Materials sourcing roadmap.