The Rediscovery Centre receives an A-rated Circulytics score

Posted on 28th September 2021

The Rediscovery Centre was honoured to receive an A-rated scorecard after completing their Circulytics assessment. The Rediscovery Centre was one of  the first Irish companies to complete their  assessment, which is an in-depth analysis measuring an organisation’s circular economy performance.

Circulytics, a digital tool created by the Ellen MacArthur Foundation, supports companies to address climate issues through circular economy solutions whilst highlighting opportunities for innovation. The Circulytics Method is designed to go beyond the limits of assessing products and material flows. This measuring tool highlights the extent a company has achieved circularity across its entire operations.

By using the widest set of indicators currently available, enablers and outcomes, Circulytics:

  • Measures a company’s entire circularity
  • Supports decision making and strategic development for circular economy adoption
  • Demonstrates strengths and highlights the areas for improvement
  • Provides optional transparency to investors and customers about a company’s circular economy adoption
  • Delivers unprecedented clarity about circular economy performance, opening up new opportunities to generate brand value with key stakeholders

The CEO for the Rediscovery Centre Dr. Sarah Miller stated “As the National Centre for the Circular Economy in Ireland, we are honoured to have our operations reviewed by the Ellen MacArthur Foundation’s Circulytics tool and to have our achievements recognised with this scorecard. At the Rediscovery Centre, we regularly review all aspects of our operations and development to ensure that we are achieving the highest possible standards to maximise our contribution to the circular economy. The overall A-rated scorecard awarded is a testament to our dedicated team and the ongoing work of the Rediscovery Centre. We were particularly delighted that our highest A+ ratings were awarded in the areas of strategy, innovation, people and skills, all areas where we strive for excellence.’’