It’s Secondhand September!

In its 5th year, Oxfam’s Secondhand September encourages us to explore the possibilities of shopping for pre-loved items.

Every second, the equivalent of a rubbishtruck load of clothes is incinerated or landfilled. We simply produce far too much.

Due to this overconsumption, as well as the unsustainable resource use that goes into its creation, the fashion industry is one of the most environmentally degrading industries on the planet, accounting for a significant amount of carbon emissions, water usage, pollution, as well as multiple social and workers rights issues.

When you shop (or swap) pre-loved, you’re reducing waste, keeping beautiful clothes alive for longer, and saving money.

One fantastic way to explore sustainable secondhand is by setting up a Swap Rail.

You may have heard of Clothes Swaps, which are events where people bring the clothes they no longer wear and exchange them for clothes they will use – Swap Rails work in the same way. The idea is that as people visit, they can donate and take items, so the rail is constantly changing. The Rediscovery Centre hosts a permanent Swap Rail in our Ecostore, and we’re here to show you just how easy it is.

Choose Your Location:
Find a suitable spot within your business/community centre where people can easily access and browse the clothes.

Gather Clothes:
Encourage employees, community members, or friends to donate clothing, making sure they’re clean and in good condition.

Create a Rail:
Set up a clothing rail to showcase the clothes. Ensure it’s easily accessible and visible to everyone.

Establish Rules:
Set some basic rules for the swap, such as a limit on the number of items each person can take or guidelines for maintaining the cleanliness of the area. List your guidelines on a chalkboard or poster.

Promote Your Swap Rail!

Check and maintain the swap rail regularly to ensure it stays organised and clean. Remove any items that are damaged or unsuitable for swapping.

Pop by our Ecostore Monday – Saturday 9am – 5pm to check out our Swap Rail!