Did you spot us on Virgin Media Television’s new show last night?


We were delighted to show the team around the Rediscovery Centre and provide them with reused paint, to help them in their mission to prove you can achieve the home renovation of your dreams, without it costing the earth.


If you’re not familiar with reused paint, let’s tell you all about it!


Every year, tonnes of perfectly good paint is exported for incineration or disposal. One of our flagship social enterprises, Rediscover Paint, tackles the issue of this paint waste while providing high quality, affordable paint to communities. We collect some of this unwanted paint from recycling centres, which is then remixed by our team, led by the fantastic Dave Kavanagh, providing quality paint at a fraction of the price.


This small cost per litre contributes to the cost of Rediscover Paint providing paint for reuse, which reduces the environmental impact of paint disposal in Ireland. It also allows us to continue to provide ongoing training opportunities to people distanced from the workplace at Rediscovery Centre.


We have a wide range of colours in stock and we can even mix bespoke colours on request. Paint costs €10 for 5.6 litres of in-stock colours and €15 for 5.6 litres of bespoke colour.

In addition to our work at Rediscover Paint, the Rediscovery Centre leads the Paint Reuse Network with the support of Ireland’s Regional Waste Management Planning Offices. This allows us to train and support social enterprises across the country to repurpose paint waste and provide high-quality, low-cost paint to the general public and community organisations.