As the National Centre for the Circular Economy, the Rediscovery Centre was happy to welcome and support the publication of the National Waste Management Plan for the Circular Economy in Limerick today.

This is a plan of firsts: the first single national waste plan, the first plan to include statutory circular targets underpinned by the Circular Economy Act, and one of the first plans in Europe with national reuse and future repair targets.

Its publication represents a milestone moment, with all of Ireland’s policies, strategies and programmes now aligned and centring around a circular ambition.

We look forward to working collaboratively with policymakers, business, social enterprise, communities and citizens alike to implement this plan and continue to build on and grow the amazing work already being delivered all around the country.

Reuse Targets

One of the key highlights of the plan is the introduction of reuse targets, with the ambitious goal of reusing 20kg per person per year. As a research organisation we supported an EPA funded project, led by MTU and with partners CRNI, into measuring reuse and setting a baseline for this target and are now involved in establishing a reporting system. This work has shown that, while ambitious, the reuse target is ultimately achievable. We also look forward to contributing to the development of the future repair target.

Upstream Infrastructure

But these targets, and our circular ambition for Ireland, will not be achieved without the development of infrastructure that supports waste prevention and that facilitates the widespread adoption of reuse and repair.


The plan’s emphasis on collaboration is important, as effectively translating policies into action will require engagement from all stakeholders, including social enterprises, community groups and citizen engagement. In order to achieve the ambitious objectives and targets around prevention, reuse and repair, collaboration will be vital, especially in developing the resources required to fund operations and invest in new prevention, reuse and repair infrastructure, like refill stations, sorting centres for second hand goods, storage and more.

 This plan presents Ireland with an opportunity to take the lead in Europe in community-based reuse and repair initiatives. As such, at a grassroots level, social enterprises and communities must be supported in facilitating engagement and fostering distributed growth.

In conclusion, with a national scope, policy alignment across the Circular Economy Strategy, and new ambitious upstream targets, this plan pushes Ireland towards a truly circular economy. The plan also puts Ireland in a strong position to address new European circular developments. We look forward to working together with stakeholders across all sectors to see it delivered