The Rediscovery Centre and Jiminy Eco Toys have teamed up to launch the largest sustainable toy festival ever seen in Ireland: the Big Toy Swap!

As part of the Big Toy Swap, Jiminy and the Rediscovery Centre are running 100 fun and interactive sustainable toy workshops for primary schools and youth groups across Ireland.

The hands-on workshop involves:

  • Games, activities and discussions
  • Exploring hands-on toy repair
  • Brainstorming clever ways to rehome used toys
  • Planning your very own Big Toy Swap!


The workshop links with the curriculum in a range of subjects including Science, Maths, and Geography, and is suitable for children of 3rd to 6th class ages.


We’re delighted to offer these workshops at a special subsidised rate. The package includes 2-3 workshops at €80 each, held for different classes on the same day. If you represent a small school, you can contact another school nearby about the project, and we can facilitate a workshop at each school.

Libraries can book 2-3 workshops in one day for different schools.

Scouts and Girl Guides are welcome to book, however more than one workshop must be held on the same day in order for our facilitators to travel, so you’re encouraged to link up with nearby groups to organise.


What’s included?

  • 2 – 3 fun + interactive workshops for your school
  • Teachers’ notes
  • Comprehensive resources to host your own Big Toy Swap (including how-to guides on toy swap and repair, event organisation, and curriculum integration)
  • Printable posters and other promotional materials
  • Big Toy Swap postcard


What is the Big Toy Swap?

When you sign-up to a workshop, your school/group commits to hosting a Big Toy Swap, joining schools and groups all across the country in the largest sustainable toy festival ever seen!

Your Big Toy Swap can be with a club, a class, a school or a community, no event is too big or too small!

The goal of the Big Toy Swap is to provide a fun and sustainable way for children and families to refresh their toy collections without spending money on new toys, and at the same time to reduce waste by giving unwanted toys a new home.

We suggest using the media attention by hosting your Big Toy Swap on June 5th. If that doesn’t work, you can hold it anytime before the end of the 2024 school summer term.


I’m not a school, can I host a toy swap?

Absolutely! We have groups across the country running events as part of the Big Toy Swap.

Your Big Toy Swap can be with a club, a class, a school or a community, no event is too big or too small!

Contact communications@rediscoverycentre.ie for your Big Toy Swap handbook, full of resources to get you going.