Exciting news… We’ve partnered with 2GoCup to provide reusable takeaway cups for our Boiler House Café patrons!

A study done in 2018 by Recycling List Ireland found that Ireland uses 22,000 disposable cups an hour, or 3,700 tonnes of waste each year. As the National Centre for the Circular Economy we don’t provide disposable cups to our visitors, as they are not recyclable, and even compostable cups end up in incineration or landfill due to the lack of industrial compost bins in public areas.

We’re delighted to make sustainability easier for our visitors who didn’t bring a Keep Cup and wish to take our (delicious) coffee to go.

How does it work?

Simply buy your coffee, pay a refundable €2 deposit for your cup, enjoy, and return your cup to any participating café to receive your €2 back (or hold onto it until your next coffee, where you can swap to a clean cup for free)!