Each year, Rediscover Fashion partners with Picker Pals to create their Picker Packs from discarded boat sails. Picker Pals is an environmental education programme for primary schools, empowering action by providing unique upcycled Picker Packs to classrooms across Ireland, with child-friendly litter-picking equipment to help children and their families make a real impact in their local areas. Complete packs include child and adult litter-picking tools as well as gloves, hi-vis vests and fun environmental story and activity books. Learn more about the Picker Pals world here.

So where do we fit in? Every year, thousands of worn out sails are discarded all over Ireland. Picker Pals rescue this fabric, and send it to Rediscover Fashion where they are given a new lease of life as Picker Packs. The sturdy Picker Packs are expertly crafted by our team to ensure they live a very long second life, and reusing these discarded sails prevents this great material from being sent to landfill. The original design for the picker packs was created by Rediscover Fashion in response to a commission request.