Rediscover Paint stocks non-hazardous, water-based paints in a range of colours primarily for internal use on walls and ceilings only in a range of colours.

However, these can be coated with a layer of polyvine to weather-proof the paint for outdoor use. Occasionally we also stock exterior masonry paint.

Our paint is available from our Eco Store in Ballymun and also from our online shop. We have a wide range of colours in stock and we can even mix bespoke colours on request. Paint costs €10 for 5.6 litres of in-stock colours and €15 for 5.6 litres of bespoke colour.

This small contribution supports Rediscover Paint to provide paint for reuse, which reduces the environmental impact of paint disposal in Ireland. It also allows us to continue to provide ongoing training opportunities to people distanced from the workplace at Rediscovery Centre.

To find out more pop into Rediscovery Centre’s Eco Store in Ballymun, visit our Ecostore here or call us on (01) 893 3801.