Here’s What we’re all About

Located in the heart of Ballymun, Dublin, Rediscovery Centre’s mission is to lead Ireland’s transition to a circular economy and a sustainable future by creating a fair and inclusive society that thrives within the boundaries of our natural resources,

We believe:

  • In working together to create fair and lasting solutions to the social, environmental and economic challenges we face
  • In a world with no waste, where all resources are valued and our planet is regenerated
  • That the structural drivers of resource use must be addressed as an urgent priority to secure our immediate future and to achieve long-term sustainable growth
  • That with knowledge, and equality of opportunity, comes the power for people to create positive changes in their lives and their community and to break free from taking, making and wasting

Five goals

All aspects of our organisation uphold these principles, and create change guided by our five goals:

  1. To educate
  2. To demonstrate
  3. To collaborate
  4. To advocate
  5. To thrive